Ntokozo on how Nqubeko proposed to her

2017-09-05 11:07
PHOTO: Ntokozo Mbambo Instagram Page

Award winning Gospel star Ntokozo Mbambo who has been married for 9 years to her husband, Nqubeko Mbatha shared how he proposed to her on her birthday.

Ntokozo shared this on her recent visit to Anele Mdoda's talk show Real Talk with Anele. “It was my birthday and went out on a date. I could see that he was fidgety the entire time we were eating” she said.

After the meal he took her on a drive and then stopped on an estate driveway  and gave her a gift, not the ring yet but a pair of earrings that matched a necklace he had given her a two weeks earlier.

“While were driving he pulls over the car and opens the cubbyhole, and he pulls out a box with earrings. Then he said that’s my birthday present but there is another one and he pulls out the box with the ring and he proposed.”