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Nyan' Nyan presenter Luyanda Potwana on how the streets humbled him

2017-09-01 14:50
Picture: Luyanda Potwana FaceBook Page

Luyanda Potwana hosts one of the most popular shows on South African television Nyan' Nyan and as much as he is enjoying the success of hosting the hit show, he went through hardship before finally getting his job and a comfortable life.

Luyanda who lived on the streets of Johannesburg for couple of years and he says that was one of his most challenging moments in life. "I didn't want to lose hope because living on the streets was demoralising," Luyanda tells BONA Magazine.

"I would take a nap in the park and wake up when the streets were busy. I took up multiple jobs- as a car guard earning R2, washing cars for R10 and helping people move their furniture for R20," he explains.

Luyanda says since he had no home at night he would hangout at clubs that he knew were opened for 24 hours.

"I did that to avoid the streets," he says.

Luyanda adds that even though that was a low point in his life it helped him appreciate life and not take anything for granted.

"I am glad I lived on the streets because it humbled me. It also made me grateful for things I had previously taken for granted," he adds.