Oppikoppi respond to non-payment complaints

2016-12-28 12:12
OppiKoppi 2016! (Photo: OppiKoppi)

Cape Town - Oppikoppi festival organisers have released a lengthy statement via their official Facebook page about cash flow problems and non-payment of artists after complaints of came to light.

The post is in response to local band, The Kiffness and others, who said on 26 December via their Facebook pages, that they are still awaiting payment following their performance at the festival. 

In their post The Kiffness said: 

"I have no idea how your business model works, but if I ran a festival I would have something called a "rainy day account" so I can pay artists in case the festival made a loss. Surely this is something you account for? There really is no excuse. It would even be excusable if you told us when we can expect payment so musicians can plan & budget their lives in advance, but you haven't. Imagine telling your landlord that you promise you will pay him but you can't say when? He'd have every right to kick you out."

Read the full post, here. 

In their response the organisers said:

"Although there are a batch of artists/service providers whom are owed money, each one has been spoken to and mostly there is just an overwhelming sense of pragmatic goodwill out there – just get it cleaned up, and let’s move on. "

Read their full post here: