Our 7 favourite moments from Cassper's Mr. Madumane video

2016-08-04 14:38


Cassper Nyovest (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – It’s been two weeks since Cassper’s Mr. Madumane (Big Spendah) music video hit our screens, and since then fans just can't get enough of the track. From fake Louboutins to a hungry model, Cassper goes all-out to bring one message across to fans – “What you spend doesn't define you”. 

Just like his fans, we cannot get enough of this video. And in case you’re wodering why, here are 7 reasons.

1. DIY Lowrider

It's one of the earlier (and probably the funniest) scenes in the video. Check out Cassper's answer to a lowrider on a budget. 

2. That bunny chow moment

It's a little random, but we guess it's difficult for anyone to turn down a good bunny chow. Even a model. 

3. The money man

There's a guy made from money. Who wouldn't love that?

4. The alcohol saver

A close second for funniest moment - the guy catching the alcohol Cassper is pretending to waste. Because alcohol is expensive, yo!

5. Christian Louboutins on a budget

Be honest, you've contemplated this once or twice before. 

6. Those robot puppies

Because puppies are cute. Even if they're not real.

7. The moral of the story

We love how Cassper was able to sneak in the message of his video right at the end - "What you spend doesn't define you".

Watch the video here:

(GIFS: YouTube)