Our backstage chat with Jimmy Nevis

2016-07-07 15:17


Jimmy Nevis
Jimmy Nevis (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - Last week, we sat down for a casual one-one with muso, Jimmy Nevis, backstage after an intimate performance at the launch of Glenlivet's new top-tier craft whisky. 

The stylish dinner, featuring a once-only musical collaboration, was attended by some of Cape Town's top business, lifestyle and media influencers and well-known celebrities. 

Sharing the spotlight with the new craft whisky were Jimmy Nevis and classically trained Sterling EQ who came together for a one-of-a-kind performance that had us all enthralled!

After our three course meal and whisky tastings, led by The Glenlivet Brand Ambassador, Cuthbert Ndlovu, we were lucky enough to join Jimmy backstage to talk about his upcoming projects. Here's what he had to say:

The Juice: We've made it halfway through the year. What has been some of your highlights?

Jimmy: I have a foundation, The Blue Collar Foundation. This year we awarded our first bursary. That happened in January and the recipient is currently in her first year. And it's just been incredible, following her journey. And to see what else we need to do. That was such an incredible moment and such an incredible day.

On that same day I got a new car, and of course that was awesome. 

The Juice: An upgrade! What car did you get?

Jimmy: BWM M Sport. That was great. 

The Juice: Woah, And what were you driving before?

Jimmy: Laughs! 

The Juice: Uber? 

Jimmy: [Laughs] It wasn't even Uber, I was driving myself insane. That's what I was doing. 

The Juice: You've been announced as one of the main acts to perform at Rocking The Daisies, on the main stage. That is incredible! Just how excited are you about the gig? 

Jimmy: I've never been to RTD. And to be on the main stage as a commercial pop act, is insane. I think for me. I don't really compete with anyone else, but myself. And for me that was a step up. A level unlocked. I'll be on the same stage as AKA, Foster the People.

The Juice: Speaking of levels unlocked.

Jimmy: [Laughs] Yes! It's such a great stage to be on. Especially because you don't really see a lot of pop acts on stage. I'm really proud of myself to be flying the flag high for pop music in SA. 

The Juice: We've shared some behind-the-scenes from your experience on Coke Studio. Can you tell us a bit more about that experience? 

Jimmy: OMG! It's the second year that I'm doing Coke Studio. Last year I did it with NaaqMusic, which was so cool. So I thought I knew everything. I literally walked into the SABC studio like 'whaddup, whaddup!' 

But as soon as we started working, I realised that it was the whole process again. Write and produce a song in three days and work with a band that I've never worked with before. I worked with this great band from Cape Town called, Opposite The Other.  And they are just honestly the coolest guys on the planet.

It was pretty cool to collaborate outside of my genre. 

Have you ever heard when some artists perform in studio and they go on their backs or sing on their stomachs? 

The Juice: Don't lie! What did you do? 

Jimmy: I thought that because I'm in this R1 million studio let me try singing on my knees. 

The Juice: Really?

Jimmy: Yes, and it just came out awkward. I told the camera guys not to put it in. I didn't think that it would look good on TV. 

But then I came back and thought that I was going to do this.  I came back in studio and I went on my knees. And honestly did things with my voice that I never did before. It brought out a different emotion. And it all makes sense now.  The vulnerability brought out a different tone. 

The Juice: We are looking forward to watching the show now. 

Jimmy: Yes, and I might just incorporate it into my next show. Maybe you'll see me doing cartwheels on stage at my next performance! [Laughs] 

The Juice: With the 90% local music announcement on radio, there are so many opportunities for local artists. Is there any muso you would really love to work with on a collaboration?

Jimmy: We all the the Sketchy Bongo track and I've been working really, really hard. [Starts singing: Work, work, work, work, work, work.] But to answer you question, I've always really wanted to work with Lira.

The Juice: Gasp! We can't believe you haven't performed with Lira yet. #MatchMadeInMusicHeaven

Jimmy: You know what? We've spoken to each other a couple of times, and we know of each other. We've never sang on the same stage, but I'm very keen to make that happen.

Juice: We've spoken about RTD, Coke Studio and Sketchy Bongo. But are there any other projects or plans that you can share us with. Please!

Jimmy: This next project, and I call it a project. Because I don't think that people release albums like traditional albums anymore, which is kind of cool. I thought that Lemonade was really awesome and I'm not going to do a movie, but I also don't want to call it an album. 

It will be a project that is different. There  is a lot of stuff currently the works but when the time is right then it will happen. 

The Juice: What are you going to call it, Cool-Aid?

Jimmy: Maybe Orange Juice

The Juice: We'll call it Mix-a-Drink!

Jimmy: [Laughs] Maybe even Bompie.