‘Our boys definitely want a sister,’ Aletté says about 4th little Winckler on its way

2019-06-14 13:21
Heinz and Alette Winckler with their three kids
Heinz and Alette Winckler with their three kids. (Photo: Instagram/@heinz.winckler)

Cape Town - Singer Heinz Winckler and his image consultant wife Aletté broke their big news to YOU after keeping it under wraps for all of four weeks.

The couple already have three sons – Lian (9), Simeon (7) and Reuben (5).

Aletté previously told YOU that she’d had a miscarriage years ago, before their eldest son was born.

About baby no 4 she says: "We found out only four weeks ago – but I’m already eight and a half weeks pregnant."

Although Heinz always knew they’d have another child, Aletté says she still shocked that she’ll have another child at 40.

The baby is due on 20 January, two weeks before Aletté’s 40th birthday.

And does she want a boy or a girl?

"We’ve received a vision from God that we’ll have three boys and a little girl, but I really don’t mind. I just want a healthy baby," she says.

The image consultant also shared the couple’s big news with their Instagram followers.

"Trying to hide a fourth pregnancy is like trying to sneak a puppy onto a plane. Quite impossible," she wrote.

"We started out wanting four . . . then we had 1 and 2 and 3 (even though we heard that we will struggle to have kids) And even though in my head WE WERE DONE, in my heart I knew what was written over our lives were four kids! So this baby will arrive two weeks before my 40th . . . talk about 'a push over try in injury time!'."

Later a flood of congratulations arrived for the couple.

"Big congratulations," wrote model Marciel Hopkins.

"Wow, it’s fantastic news. What an awesome gift for your 40th," said another of Aletté’s followers.

The mom of three later also shared video of when she shared the big news with Heinz and their boys.

Happy tears stain the cheeks of mom and dad and the boys are as delighted.

The youngest, Reuben, can be heard saying he’d like to get both a baby brother and sister.

"The boys definitely want a little sister," Aletté confirmed excitedly.

"I feel like crying with them," TV and radio personality Elana AfrikaBredenkamp commented.

"The expressions on the kids’ faces are priceless. So much joy," notes another of her 20 3000 Instagram followers

Aletté says her parents and in-laws also took the news well

Although a little shocked because it was unexpected, they’re very much looking forward to the arrival of their latest grandchild.

Congrats you two!

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