Pam Andrews is back in SA and ready to 'stir things up'

2017-02-16 15:14


Pam Andrews
Pam Andrews

Cape Town - Local entertainer Pam Andrews is back in South Africa and annouced that she'll be launching her own vlog! 

The controversial star relocated to Europe in 2015 to support her husband with his business ventures. And now, Pam is back on SA soil and ready to "stir things up". Well, just a little, she says. 

In her very first vlog post she announced that she's back in the country and took us on a tour of her new "vlogging room." In the video she admits that she has been putting it off for while, but is ready to jump right into the new project.

Pam, who is in the process of getting all her equipment, says, "I'm going to put up some nice decorations and get a great backdrop and stuff like that. I'm going to be talking to people and we'll be doing all sorts of things in here."

We don't know about you, but we can't wait for the first episode! 

Watch her very first vlog here: