Pamela Nomvete is now dancing to the drum

2017-08-15 16:29
Pamela Nomvete

WHEN you are a veteran actress that means you have seen it all. Pamela Nomvete has graced our television screens with her amazing talent, best known for her role on Generations as the manipulative and fearless Ntsiki Lukhele. Her authenticity is mind blowing; she leaves you with a tattooed image of her work of art.  


The Ethiopian-born actress has written a book Dancing to the Beat of the Drum about her life on how she was mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially drained by her former Zimbabwean husband.  She says in her marriage she felt trapped in a dark hole which crashed her self-esteem and she ended up losing her identity.  “My marriage was a nightmare. It was terrible and I lost the sense of self, lost Pamela’s voice. I didn’t know who I was anymore,” says Pamela, adding that in her mind as much as she wanted to leave, she couldn’t. “I did not want my life anymore because when I got home I was not appreciated. I had the desire to end my life but did not have the guts to do so. Every day I prayed for something horrible to happen to me, which never happened.”   


After nearly giving up on life, Pamela was introduced to Buddhism by one of her sisters. She managed to find her voice.  “There are many factors that allowed me to manage to escape that entire traumatising situation I was in. One of my sisters introduced me to Buddhism which helped me understand that everything begins and end with yourself,” she says. “I had to change my attitude and transform the negative to positive. I gave my inner strength a chance and had the power to face anything.”


The African global humble citizen, who has been acting in theatres in the United Kingdom, is now busy promoting her book and having motivational talks with young South Africans.  She is sharing her life experiences and is also in a process of opening her own production company that will train and build women to find healing in drama. “There is so much I want to share. I have also decided to collaborate with Olive Tree Theatre in Alexandra which I call my home,” she says. There is no one who wouldn’t want to see Pamela back on our television screens. But who would believe that the actress is going around knocking on doors hoping to find a gig in the South African film industry as talented and experienced as she is? The calm and humble Pamela says she hopes something comes up eventually. “I have been knocking on doors and I am hoping that something happens even though at times they seem promising,” she says. Pamela is ready to be initiated to be a traditional healer as she was requested by her ancestor from her mother’s side who was a sangoma.

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