Papa Penny's son won't let recent drama pull him down

2017-09-05 16:26
PHOTO: Bafana Facebook Page

Legendary musician and reality star Papa Penny's son Bafana Mdluli's place was broken into this past weekend. The break in happened when Bafana was away when the break in happened.

"So while I was away on the weekend some thugs broke into my house and took everything. They even cleaned my wardrobe, as if that wasn't enough they decided to do number 2 on my yard. I have never felt so hopeless and numb in my entire life, now I have to integrate myself back into my own space. It's funny how they knew my moves and which exact door to use....this too shall pass," Bafana said in a Facebook post soon after the break in.

Bafana who has his own clothing brand called Priceless said that he would not let that break in drama mess up with his goal of pushing his business. He will instead keep pushing harder instead of letting this pull him down. 

"House breaking won't slow me down. Making my vision a reality one customer at a time," Bafana said.

Bafana trended when he appeared in his father's reality show Papa Penny Ahee.