Pastor claims drinking bleach will heal his congregation!

2016-09-05 16:02


Praying hands
Praying hands (Photo: Pexels)

Cape Town - Pastor Sipho Mphakathi claims drinking bleach can heal diseases and help his congregation see the Kingdom of God. 

We've heard some crazy stories about church leaders lately. There was the pastor who went to heaven and took this pic to prove it. And the pastor who drove over members of his church with a car. 

The latest being, Pastor Sipho Mphakath who fills his congregation's cups with bleach, "that taste like lemonade." The Daily Sun reported that Thandi Mweri (30) recently took her nephew, Khaya Mavuso (14), to the church in Kagiso, Mogale City because he was born with sight problems.

She claimed that the pastor threw bleach in his eyes, and now three days later, her nephew's sight has returned. 

She added that when a person believes in Christ, drinking bleach cannot harm you.

Please do not attempt this at home.