Pastor claims these 'holy' pens will help you pass exams

2016-11-03 09:27


Calculator (Photo: Pexels)

Cape Town - Bishop Hamilton Nala is selling "holy" pens that claims to assist pupils to pass their final exams.

"You will never use faith water, write with Nala pen and anoint yourself with faith oil and still pass like them, you will excel," bishop Hamilton Nala wrote on Facebook. 

The pens range from R20 to R25. The R20 pen writes in blue, and the R25 pen writes in back, red and blue. 

Many of bishop Hamilton Nala's followers, welcomed the pens with majority praising the product, saying, "Amen!"

There are a number of other "faith products" advertised on the bishop's Facebook page, including faith water, oil, lotion, honey and perfume. Depending on what your needs are.  

"Those who are studying must drink faith water and the natural and supernatural power goes to your mind," he wrote in a separate post. "Faith water has both natural and supernatural power."

The bishop calls himself an "apostle/prophet who is mightily used by God in healing and prophecy with tangible results in the healing of Aids - with more than 100 people who have been healed."