Pastor drives over followers as act of faith

2016-06-07 11:32


Penuel Mnguni (Photo credit: Twitter)
Penuel Mnguni (Photo credit: Twitter)

Cape Town - As first reported by Drum Magazine, controversial pastor Penuel Mnguni purposely drove over members of his church. The shocking incident took place on Friday, 3 June at a conference held in Kameelrivier, Mpumalanga. 

The pastor has previously instructed his followers to eat snakes and rat tails as well as reportedly turning them into sheep. This is all according the ministries' Facebook page. 

End Times Disciples Ministries also posted the entire experience, with seemingly authentic photographs of the car on top of people onto their Facebook page along with Bible quotes and their reasoning for doing it. 

Here’s the text included in the post: 

“Conference 3 June 2016
Kameelrivier B stadium hall
Demonstration of Power
Congregants witnessed the power of God.
The man of God Prophet Penuel demonstrated the power of God by running over two members of the congregants:
He commanded both of the members to sleep followed by moving the car over them.
The man of God then commanded them to wake up while the car was on top of their bodies. He then asked them if they felt any pain and their response was "we do not feel anything"
Prophet Penuel proceeded by reversing the car back and again he commanded them to wake up.
By amazement they stood up and began to dance and praise God together with the rest of the congregants.
As the man of God Prophet Penuel uttered the words that proceeds from the mouth of God. He taught about the power and the ability of the Spirit (God). 
As noted in Mark 16:16 "to those who believe, they shall be saved and those rejecting this power would perish. God continued teaching the church, there are many mysteries that Our Lord Jesus performed yet they were never recorded now the question is which miracles are those that endanger our ability of being saved? 
We have died and we have risen with Christ from the dead and therefore our standard is not of this world combining all pains and feelings.
We cannot speak of a Powerful God yet not seeing His Power.
To God be the Glory!”

Here's the Facebook post: 

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