Pearl Thusi shares her best life hacks!

2016-07-12 10:43


Pearl Thusi Pearl Thusi
Pearl Thusi (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - Just because you're earning stacks of money, doesn't mean that you have to splurge unnecessarily. 

Even though the majority of celebs flaunt their cash on social media, spend their money on expensive holidays, designer labels and the latest Mercedes Benz. Local TV Personality Pearl Thusi loves to live thrifty. 

But lets be honest, we've all fallen victim to an impulse buy, at least once or twice in our life! We're not all perfect. 

No fear! Here how you can start saving money right away, just like a superstar. 

Take notes: 

1. When she needs to call a cab, Peal prefers to take an Uber X. 

2. She doesn't spend tons of money of tips and gels, Pearl does her own nails at home. Plus she has a mini-assistant! 

3. She makes every cent and rand count. Instead of buying a new pair of stockings, she fixed the rip with clear nailpolish! #LifeHack

4. She saves money on a gym membership by training at home. 

5. Pearl cooks all her own meals. Who needs takeout anyway?

6. Who wants to spend loads of money on designer labels, when you can buy the same items second hand at a fraction of the cost!