Pearl Thusi's sweet message to Basetsana Kumalo

2017-02-13 19:01


Pearl Thusi, Basetsana Kumalo (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – Pearl Thusi shared the sweetest message with businesswoman and former Miss SA, Basetsana Kumalo, after the pair spent some time together in New York.

Posting a snap of herself and Basetsana on Instagram, Pearl shared some fond memories with fans, talking about everything Bassie had done for her.

"She gave me my first laptop. Helped me bury my grandmother. Held my hand as I became a mother. Taught me lessons about being a lady. Scolded me when I faltered. I know Angels are on earth because my mother must have asked God to send you to help make me a strong woman. Be my mother in her physical absence. Wiped my tears," the Quantico star wrote. 

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But Pearl was not the only one who poured her heart out. Basetsana shared a heartfelt message on her Instagram page too, saying, "I continue to marvel at her success. I know the sheer hard work, dedication, sacrifices and tenacity it has taken for her to come this far. I remember meeting her as a 19 year old, being asked to mentor her. Today she is based in New York and starring in #Quantico and doing so much more with her life."

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