Pharrell Williams' age, load shedding and the royal wedding: Here's what SA Googled in 2018

2018-12-14 10:30
Google search
Google search (Photo: Pexels/Caio Resende)

Johannesburg - Whether you want the lowdown on a certain celebrity, have a pressing question about an upcoming event or just want to find out where your nearest Nando's is - South Africans have turned to Google for just about everything in 2018. 

The search engine has once again released its list of top searches for the country which has been divided into the following categories - Near me, questions, recipes, searches, South African personalities and sports. 

So which personalities did South Africans search most? At the top of the list is former President Jacob Zuma, followed by current SA President Cyril Ramaphosa. Third on the list is fitness model Sbahle Mpisane who was recently discharged from hospital after being involved in a car crash that left her clinging to life. 

Other personalities included Patrice Motsepe and Cheryl Zondi.

In terms of general searches, people wanted to know more about load shedding as well as the Global Citizen Festival.

Some questions asked by local users of the search engine included DJ Avicii's cause of death as well as Pharrell Williams' age.


Near me: 

1. Jobs near me

2. Nando's near me

3. Dischem near me

4. McDonald's near me

5. Guest house near me

6. Postnet near me

7. Steers near me

8. Spar near me

9. Debonairs near me

10. Spur near me


1. How did Avicii die?

2. How old is Pharrell Williams?

3. What is listeriosis?

4. What is black data?

5. How old is Prince Harry?

6. How much are Global Citizen tickets?

7. How to get pregnant?

8. What time is the royal wedding?

9. What happened to HHP?

10. How old is Meghan Markle?


1. World Cup fixtures

2. Load shedding 

3. Global Citizen

4. Zuma

5. Winnie Mandela

6. HHP

7. Listeriosis

8. Black Panther

9. Meghan Markle

10. Mac Miller

South African personalities:

1. Zuma 

2. Cyril Ramaphosa

3. Sbahle Mpisane

4. Kevin Anderson

5. Malusi Gigaba

6. Ashwin Willemse

7. Patrice Motsepe

8. Cheryl Zondi

9. Shamila Batohi

10. Mlindo the vocalist


1. Oxtail recipes

2. Cake recipes

3. Cocktail recipes

4. Butternut recipes

5. Salad recipes

6. Stir fry recipes

7. Biscuit recipes

8. Easy dessert recipes

9. Sweet potato recipes

10. Chicken breast recipes


1. World Cup fixtures

2. PSL log

3. Kevin Anderson 

4. Ashwin Willemse

5. SA vs Australia

6. Sundowns vs Barcelona

7. SA vs India

8. Alexis Sanchez

9. Commonwealth Games

10. Winter Olympics