Phat Joe returns to radio after being suspended following ‘homophonic comments’

2019-07-29 11:25
Phat Joe (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images)
Phat Joe (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images)

Cape Town - Radio DJ Phat Joe has returned to the Phat Joe and The Family show on Radio 2000 and his fans couldn’t be more excited.

Phat Joe’s suspension has been lifted after being "unscheduled" for two weeks. He was suspended after allegedly making homophobic comments on-air.

The announcement was made on the station’s Twitter page on Monday morning.

#PhatJoeAndTheFamily reunited and it feels so good!  @TheRealPhatJoe @NonalaTose @LonwaboMiso” the caption read.

The DJ apologized for his actions even though some of his fans felt that he was not at fault.

 Thanks Phat Joe for such brave act of apologizing even though you were not wrong but for the sake of your listeners you had to do that....we missed you buddy” read one tweet.

While Phat Joe might have apologised, some Twitter users felt that the apology was not sincere. This is what they had to say: