PICS: Bontle Modiselle’s intimate surprise bridal shower

2019-10-02 11:37
Bontle Modiselle

Cape Town - Television presenter Bontle Modiselle (now Moloi) is having an eventful couple of months.

From announcing that she is pregnant with her first child to marrying (for real this time) her boyfriend of 10 years Priddy Ugly (real name Ricardo Moloi), she looks the happiest she’s ever been.

Leading up to her wedding, her pregnancy was in the spotlight more than anything else.

However, her sisters Refilwe and Candice, managed to take her attention from the bun in the oven and threw her a surprise bridal shower with the help of her now husband, Priddy Ugly.

Clearly touched and in tears, Bontle was speechless when the found out that the activation she was going to is actually her own bridal shower.

“What are you guys doing? You guys are so wack,” she says in a video on her Instagram page.

“You guys are skelems. I thought you said this was an activation. This is crazy,” she said.

In her Instagram post she expressed her gratitude at the love she was shown by her sisters and husband at the bridal shower.

“A surprise from my incredible sister. Words fail to express my gratitude. When you have love, you can’t help but give it. And my sisters do it all the time, every time, without fail, abundantly so,” she shared.