PICS: Jack Parow slices knee open on stage but parties on

2018-07-26 13:52
Jack Parow. (Photo: Allister Christie)

(Warning: Graphic image)

Cape Town - Local Afrikaans rapper Jack Parow injured himself on stage during a performance in Stellenbosh, Cape Town on Wednesday.

Sharing a picture of his bloody knee on Instagram, he wrote: "It was FKN mad. Got the stitches to prove it. Love you all."

Speaking to The Juice, the 36-year-old rapper says that about 10 minutes into his set, he dropped down on his knees without realising that there was broken glass on the stage.

The rapper - whose real name is Zander Tyler - says: "I didn't actually feel it, because the adrenaline was rushing through my body. I played for another 40 minutes and then only realised what had happened when I saw the blood dripping down my leg and my shoes were red."

In proper Jack Parow fashion, he decided to rally on: "I just cleaned up the wound, wrapped it and partied on."

The Cooler as Ekke rapper only went to hospital on Thursday morning and says: "I was supposed to get five stitches, but because I waited so long it was too late. They just like cleaned it, glued it shut, and taped it up in a way. I also got injections and some pain medication."

Jack Parow says he doing very well, and is just a little bit sore. He has been booked off for the rest of the week, but will be back on stage next week. (See the full gig guide here