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PICS: JP and Sue Duminy on vacay in Instanbul

2018-06-13 13:47
Sue Duminy, JP Duminy
Sue Duminy, JP Duminy (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - Celebrity couple JP and Sue Duminy and baby daughter, Isabella, are on vacation in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Istanbul.

Sue is seven months pregnant so foreign travel will be off the cards for a while. 

The Duminy's are discovering the extraordinarily rich architectural and natural splendours of Istanbul, which is the historic bridge between Europe and Asia, and they're relishing the world-famous cuisine.

They're also finding out that Turkey is a truly budget-friendly destination for South Africans with the Turkish lira currently worth around R3.

The shopping delights of Istanbul's legendary Grand Bazaar are very tempting at that rate. 


How do you prepare for an international trip?

We have done so many now so it is kind of second nature.

We do however ask each other a whole bunch of questions after the packing like: "Did you pack your socks, passport, charger and medication?"

Window or aisle?

When we fly alone - window. If our daughter is with or me being pregnant currently - aisle. There is a lot of toilet trips happening!

Must-pack item?

Universal charger 

What are the top 5 things you need to pack for this trip to Istanbul?

Camera, comfortable shoes, pashmina, light back pack and small local currency for the markets.

Which country stands high on your bucket list?

Istanbul has been on Sue's bucket list for 25 years. 

My parents travelled there when I was a young and brought me post card memories, traditional Turkish outfits and coffee cups. I have been longing to explore Turkey and their culture ever since. 

Funniest travel story?

We once visited a very isolated village in India. Upon arrival in our room as we opened the door we were welcomed by a whole cockroach family showing us around.

The hygiene wasn't great either so we had to shower with our flip flops on or as night approached and we got into our bed we both looked at each other and suddenly broke out in the craziest itch. Our bed bug family welcomed us.

So we unpacked all our bags and slept on top of all our clothes we packed for the trip!   

Travel motto?

It's very seldom that things go 100% according to schedule when you travel. Always be open and patient and adaptable to change when it comes to traveling.