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PICS: Minnie Dlamini and local celebs cheer on their favourite football teams

2018-04-05 16:41


Minnie Dlamini, Chris Jaftha, Ms Cosmo
Minnie Dlamini, Chris Jaftha, Ms Cosmo (Photo: Stills by Tom)

Cape Town - Local celebs and football fans gathered at The Park House of Events in Johannesburg to watch the UEFA Champions League Quarter Final match between Liverpool and Manchester City on Wednesday. 

The Heineken House of Drama green carpet welcomed fans, and with massive HD projectors showing the game, no one missed a moment of drama.

The night was more than 90 minutes of heart-stopping football, as fans got to rub shoulders with their favourite celebrities and soccer legends. 

Stills by Tom

The night saw local sports presenter and style icon Minnie Dlamini lose her voice while cheering, and local football legends like Nasief Morris and Tshepo Masilela watched the drama unfold from the edge of their seats.

DJ Capital and Ms Cosmo were present to break the tension of the match only moments after the final whistle.

Stills by Tom

Prepare yourself for more quarter-final drama on 10 April as the next Heineken House of Drama heads to Cape Town, and then Durban on 2 May. 

No amount of preparation will get you ready for the Final Heineken House of Drama happening at Nasrec. It's promised to be a night to remember.


Stills by Tom

Stills by Tom

Stills by Tom

Stills by Tom

(Photos: Stills by Tom)