PICS: This couple got engaged at a Bobby concert

2017-05-29 12:18


Couple gets engaged at Bobby van Jaarsveld concert (Photo: Instagram/Bobby van Jaarsveld)

Johannesburg – Love stole the show at one of Bobby van Jaarsveld’s concerts when a couple got engaged live on stage. 

Bobby shared the news on his Instagram with a snap writing: “SO… this happened last night on my show! Dankie Springs for n lekke gig en dat julle almal daar was. Baie geluk julle! (sic)” 

Speaking to The Juice, Bobby’s manager Ronel Brink explained how the proposal happened. 

"The organisers of the show asked him [Bobby] before hand if it would be possible, would he allow that on stage. And he said by all means he would love them to do it because it’s a very special thing. The organisers actually made her think that she won a lucky draw. So they called out her name and said she was the winner of the lucky draw, she needs to come to the stage. They handed over a prize and then Bobby played along, he said, now while you’re on the stage I’ll do you a special song, come and sit on this chair."

Ronel says the women is a huge Bobby fan so she was extremely excited. "Her boyfriend came from the back of the stage with this rose and in the rose was the engagement ring. She was totally caught off guard, she didn’t expect it at all."

In addition to her being serenaded by Bobby, a group of children was placed at the edge of the stage to shower the couple in rose petals when the big question was popped.   

"Bobby said to them on stage he absolutely prays that they will be extremely happy and that they will have a wonderful marriage and a wonderful relationship," Ronel adds.