Presenter Pabi Moloi on drinking and driving arrest: 'I will submit myself to the process of the law'

2020-03-07 19:19
Pabi Moloi (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)
Pabi Moloi (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)

South African presenter Pabi Moloi was arrested for drinking and driving on Thursday night.

The 36-year-old – who has worked on various radio and television shows – admitted to the incident on Saturday writing on her Twitter account in a post: "I am truly gutted about this. I had an incident this week that I want to step up and take responsibility for. I had drinks and decided to drive myself home on Thursday night."

She went on: "It was a bad decision for which I take full responsibility. I was subsequently arrested for drinking and driving. I will submit myself to the process of the law. I understand the gravity of the potential damage I could have done, and I am so so sorry."


According to Wheels24, "If found guilty of drunken driving, a person faces 6 years' imprisonment or a R120 000 fine, and a criminal record."

Compiled by Alex Isaacs.