Proverb: It has never come easy

2017-05-17 20:00


Proverb (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – He may have it all now, but TV and radio personality Proverb says things never came easy for him. 

In at interview at Kaya FM, the star told presenter T-Bose about his struggle to achieve everything he has.

“I’ve been chasing the radio dream since 2003. And only when? Last year, it started to happen. And that’s the moral of my story,” Proverb explained, saying that he has always had to work hard to earn things. 

“For me it has never come easy, never came over night. Not one thing,” he added.   

The muso also mentioned that although he recorded his first rap demo in 1995, he only landed a record deal in 2004 – nearly a decade later. 

Take a look at the inspiring clip below: