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Q+A: Pearl Thusi talks to us from the set of American TV show

2016-07-26 12:07


Pearl Thusi (photo credit: Screengrab, SnapChat)
Pearl Thusi (photo credit: Screengrab, SnapChat)

Cape Town - South African actress Pearl Thusi, who is currently busy filming in New York City, spoke to The Juice about her new role on the American drama series, Quantico. 

After weeks of rumours and speculation, Pearl finally confirmed that she had landed a role in the second season of the popular TV show.

While filming in the Big Apple, Pearl has been sharing all the behind-the-scenes snaps and backstage antics with us, every step of the way. 

Here's what Pearl had to say about her awesome new role:

Can you tell us more about the casting experience?

Although I was headhunted, I still had to send an audition tape. The process was gruelling but a necessary learning curve.  I was really nervous but I invested myself in it - it prepared me for what was to come.  

How many episodes will you be filming?

I'm not at liberty to comment on this yet, but I do have a recurring role.
What has it been like working on an American TV production?

I've worked on an American production before, it was based in South Africa. The work ethic is pretty similar to that of a South African production, there are similar processes and setbacks.

The budgets in the US are bigger though, so there is more invested in actors and all the crew involved, which was new to me, everyone feels valued and therefore have a very high regard for their work.

The other difference is that there's a lot more work put in before people get on set. There is a union, so there are a lot of processes that need to take place (what others could call red tape) before getting on set. It's all worth it though, by the time you get on set. I think actors are taken in a lot more regard in the US - I've been treated so well. The work is fun and challenging.

What is the biggest difference between working on an American set and a local production?

For me, just the accents on sets, people are very diverse here. There's a lot to absorb.

What has it been like working with big name actors like Priyanka Chopra and Jake McLaughlin?

I wasn't sure what to expect, honestly. Priyanka, Blaire, Jake, Russel, David, Yasmin, Johanna - everyone is so down to earth - personable. There are absolutely no egos or weird vibes, it's relaxed but extremely professional. It's a very collaborative environment and everyone on set is working towards a common goal. There's no hiding in trailers - everyone is supportive and really invested in making sure the story works and the characters are well rounded and believable.

What has been a highlight for you so far?

Being on set with so many talented and diverse individuals. Everyone shares amazing stories of work and life experiences. The day I shot my first scene with Priyanka was a little overwhelming because it made everything real for me. I was so happy. This industry can be cruel - I waited till the director yelled "CUT IT. Check the gate!" and I was like "Okay. Its real."
What has been the most challenging part about the whole experience?

The audition process and getting the VISA. Also knowing weeks/months are going to go by without seeing my partner, daughter, family, friends and my dogs. I cried a lot about that.

Keep making us proud, Pearl!