Queen Sesoko in her own words

2017-08-30 12:41
PHOTO: Supplied

Queen Sesoko is well known from her Kwaito days in the hit group Abashante. The former Kwaito star spoke to DRUM in an interview a while ago about her life now and how different it has been since she left the scene.

Queen on her relationship with Arthur Mafokate:

Arthur has always supported me, in fact he always told me to come back to music and when I announced my comeback he said great things about me. The issues we had in the past were based on us perhaps being immature and still not over stuff that happened in our relationship. But it's all water under the bridge now."

Queen on her daughter:

I see my daughter often and we both have a great mother-daughter bond. Arthur and I are different types of parents, He's outgoing and I'm the calmer, more collected. It's cute to see how Owami maneuvers that. She knows her mother and father and how to relate to us.

Queen on being single:

I have had suitors over the years and have dated but the right person will come at the right time.

Queen on leaving the limelight:

I moved from Johannesburg to Limpopo after  I got saved, I felt my spiritual growth needed to be in a place where I could grow without any distractions. I was surprised I adjusted so easily. For someone who was used to industry events and photo shoots and so-called fame, I was at peace with my new life and still am.

Source: DRUM Magazine