Quick catch-up with house music sensation EVIDA

2017-02-20 06:01
Evida (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - We caught up with Johannesburg-based brothers Liam and Richard that make up the duo EVIDA.

Signed to Das Kapital's Do Work Records, dance music newcomers EVIDA released their single You Gotta in November 2016. The single has since taken off on local chart shows sustaining a top three position for more than three weeks!

We found out a little more about the group:

1. When did your love affair with house music begin?
Liam: "After listening to how Martin Garrix makes music I was excited and I knew then that I wanted to make dance music."
Richard: "I was always into DJ'ing, since I was about 12. In 2013 I went to my first ever concert and saw the 'I Am Hardwell' show. It was so inspiring to see how people reacted to his own music, I guess that is what also inspired me to produce." 

2. Can you remember the first time you heard house/electro music and how did it make you feel?
Liam: "Martin Garrix Torrent was the first time and it made me so hyped up, it was like a drug to me." 
Richard: "I can't remember exactly, but I know I was very young. I mixed a lot on the free "Virtual DJ", so any music I liked, I kept and played with." 

3. How did you take those first steps to becoming producers?
Originally Richard was first on the production end, but Liam had been doing music for years with instruments. So we decided we could join together and create music.

4. Was there anyone who really helped you along the way?
A friend of ours, Paul Makuta, actually gave us a huge perspective boost on what we still had to learn. He helped us to become better in a production and to understand how important a clean song really is.

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5. What or who inspires you to continue writing music?
The passion comes first in life. We've got to keep chasing the dream, especially when it seems so close.

6. Did you expect You Gotta to blow up the way that it did?
We had no clue that You Gotta was going to blow up how it did considering it's really a "dance-hall" track. We were blown away at the way people received it and are supporting it.

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