Rachel and Siya Kolisi expecting second baby together

2017-07-06 18:00
Rachel Kolisi, Siya Kolisi
Rachel Kolisi, Siya Kolisi (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town – Rachel and Siya Kolisi are expecting their second child together. 

The mom-to-be for the second time announced the news on Thursday with a pic and the caption: “Half way in and looking forward to all the joys parenting brings: A baby that actually burps and doesn't vomit everywhere in the process, sleeps through the night and never requires sleep training or 'ninja sneaking out of her room at night', loves to eat all her food never once spitting it in our face, poo staying in the nappy, wee preferably not in our face, a child that never climbs the stairs until they know how to get back down, is not attracted to any or all electrical appliances, does not feel the need to open all the cupboards in the kitchen and pull everything out - daily, loves to wash and brush her locks, potty training does not include poo on walls, cupboards, carpets, dishes, pants - basically everywhere except the toilet. STAYS FAR AWAY FROM THE BUM CREAM (sic).”

After reading that, it’s safe to say that there is a baby girl on the way.

See the Instagram post here: