Radio host Rob Vember leaves 947

2018-12-28 12:12
Rob Vember
Rob Vember (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - Popular radio host Rob Vember hung up his microphone and left radio station 947, without knowing when he'll "next turn one on."

Rob's humour and friendly style has made him one of South Africa's most popular radio personalities.

He has won several awards for his work on-air, which he simply calls a "bonus." 

The radio host thanked his team on Instagram, writing: "[Thank you for] allowing me to work remotely and accepting 'no' a few more times than I ordinarily would have said it. Mostly, thank you for the great working environment that you've created!"

In a statement he added that a return to hosting his own show could be anywhere "from six months to never" in the future. 

Radio 947 wrote on Facebook: Rob, thank you for your amazing work and chilled nature. Stay shining and all the best."

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