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Rawbust Productions to take legal action against Cassper Nyovest

2017-12-15 13:06
Cassper Nyovest (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – On Thursday local rapper Cassper Nyovest came under question when YouTube personality Thulani Masilela (Tusko_d) claimed that the star and his team tried to break his camera at the SA Hip Hop Awards (SAHHAs) on Wednesday evening. 

The initial tweet sent by Thulani after the alleged incident occurred read: “Let it be known that Cassper Nyovest and his Team tried to break my camera stole my memory card with footage, Then had his whole team drag me to a corner backstage to try to beat me up. Saying I will learn!!”

Speaking to The Juice, Thulani, who was covering the SAHHAs alongside media warehouse Rawbust Productions, described what took place when he pulled Cassper aside for a short interview at the event. 

"We grabbed him and we basically asked him for the interview. He first said no, but then eventually he said yes, he has two minutes."

According to Thulani, Cassper starts off the interview by thanking his fans for their support, but walks off shortly after.

"He started the interview by saying 'Hi' and he praised his fans and thanked them for voting and then basically walked off, like he’s leaving. He stops and sort of comes back, but he was talking to someone else. Because he was next to me I grabbed him and I asked: 'Is the interview done.'" 

Thulani then says Cassper agrees to take another question. "I just remember that I spoke about the 10 million streams thing, and he basically said that it’s [10 million] records."

The YouTuber then allegedly goes on to question Cassper about statements RiSA made regarding the streams vs records incident.

"From there he starts to get really upset and says: 'Why you trying to mess up the interview? I should have walked off already'. He says thanks to the fans for voting, and he says: 'You’re a bitch nigga', and then he walks off."

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Thulani claims Cassper returned moments later and told Spike, a member of his team, to break their camera. "He instructed Spike and said: 'Break the camera, we’ll buy them a new one’. He said: 'You think you’re clever, you think you’re smart, I’ll teach you a lesson today'"

After some commotion Thulani’s cameraman handed over their memory card to a member of Cassper’s team in order for them to make sure the footage has been removed.

Thulani and his cameraman were then allegedly moved to a room backstage while they wait. According to him, when the memory card was eventually returned all of their footage was missing. "We realised everything has been deleted, there’s no footage of what we did during the night."

Thulani, along with Rawbust Productions (the company who was liable for the equipment), decided to seek legal help after the incident.

Although Thulani mentions that the equipment was not damaged, he says that Rawbust Productions will be taking action for the embarrassment suffered as well as the cost of the missing footage which would have been used on their site and sold to other outlets.

"Our resolution after that was just to contact our lawyers, let’s hear what they have to say about the situation. We're just going to get a letter of demand for whatever things we suffered at their hand, also the embarrassment obviously," Thulani said. 

On Thursday Rawbust Productions shared a post on their Twitter account of feedback which they had received from lawyers on how to handle the matter going further.


Thulani also said they were able to retrieve some of the footage lost on the memory card with the help of a computer scientist.

The Juice reached out to Spike, a member of Casper's management team, on Thursday who refused to comment on the matter.