Reason: LootLove has never been my side chick

2017-03-06 16:00


Reason, LootLove (Photo: Gallo Images, Instagram)

Johannesburg – Whatever you do, do not mess with Reason’s girl.

The rapper clapped back at people who tried to pin his divorce on his relationship with presenter, LootLove. 

“OK. I’ve had it. It’s time to address you opinionated humans who talk a lot of trash with no facts,” the rapper wrote, adding, “First of all… Lootlove has never been my side chick!!! Never!!!” 

In a string of tweets that followed, Reason explained that the end of his marriage had nothing to do with the TV personality


“P.S And if you really wanna be mad at anyone for ruining a "happy home". Leave my girlfriend alone and give me a call. I have the answers,” he wrote in another post.