Reeva's best friend finally breaks her silence

2016-10-24 15:57


Reeva Steenkamp, Gina Myers
Reeva Steenkamp, Gina Myers (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - Reeva Steemkamp's best friend, makeup artist Gina Myers, has broken her silence and remembers her friend with a beautiful tribute on Instagram. 

According to Huisgenoot Gina helped Reeva get ready for her first date with Oscar Pistorius. Reeva was tragically shot dead by the paralympian three months later on 14 February 2013.    

She explained why she hasn't spoken about Reeva, "I used to be hesitant to talk about you. But that's silly. You are a whole of person to love, not just to me. To everyone. I think the biggest gift to someone whose passed on, is to speak about their love and memories. (sic)"

She went on to say, "I think that if you have the stories, you should share it. You should shout it loud. Speak to their life. Speak to their dreams. I didn't. I was told not to. I was asked not to. I became scared to. But I am now. I will now. Always. Forever. I miss you Alfi. Thank you for your whole lot of love. (sic)"

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Here are some of the pair's last moments together:

With @gi_myers at Kagiso's Island of Treasure LOL #ComedyCentral

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GAGALicious!!! @gi_myers!!!!

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GAGA about you @gi_myers!!!!

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Road tripping madness!!! Hippo crossing? Really? @gi_myers

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