Reggie Nkabinde: They trying to destroy Malum

2017-03-09 08:38
'Connected' Mabala Noise Boss Reggie Nkabinde at the Metro Awards. (Gallo Images)

Cape Town - The Juice reached out to Mabala Noise chairperson, Reggie Nkabinde, about his recent comments regarding Okmalumkoolkat.

ICYMI in a lengthy Instagram post Reggie accused local media of being "determined to destroy South Africans." Referring to the convicted sex offender Okmalumkoolkat he said, "What's worse is that our own brothers and sisters are the ones that are being used at the forefront to pull our South African talent and black entrepreneurs down."

He went on to attack the local media by saying, "How do u feel when this person can't afford to take his child to school any more because of you trying to impress the employer by giving him rubbish stories? (sic)" You can read the full post below.   

Here's what Reggie had to say to The Juice about that post, "The main issue for me, is that the song and the post came along a long time ago. The press is only talking about this issue now. Why? That's the main issue for me.  They trying to destroy 'Malum'. Another example is Zola, how did the media feel when that man couldn't afford to live or take his children to school, because of articles they wrote? People can lose so much. The examples are endless of newspapers ruining people's life. I mean look at Beyoncé, Solange and Jay Z in the lift, we have no idea what happened there. It's the same thing here, it happened, 'OkMalum' served his time. It's over now, why bring it up again? We have no idea what happened there (sic). "