Revisit the past through a series of photographs in historical exhibition

2017-04-30 16:00
Remembering Chris Hani in Tanzania, 1990. (Photo: Laurie Sparham)

Johannesburg - A provocative multimedia exhibition programme is scheduled to be held at the University of Johannesburg’s Fada Gallery from May 11 until June 3.

It will be combining rare historical photographs of political exiles with quotes from the Freedom Charter, while also showing a new documentary film called Promises and Lies: The ANC, Exile and the Project of Freedom. The film will be premiered to journalists and VIPs on May 4 at Constitution Hill.

The organisers (the Visual Identities in Art and Design Research Centre and the University of Johannesburg) hope that the exhibition and the documentary will offer visitors the opportunity to revisit the past through a series of photographs shelved for more than 25 years.

The series shows ANC members such as Thabo Mbeki, Chris Hani, Joe Slovo and Jacob Zuma living in exile in Zambia and Tanzania.