Riaan Smit on robbery and assault: I got smashed in the face with a brick

2017-11-22 07:00
Riaan Smit (Photo: Instagram/Riaan Smit )

Johannesburg – In an interview with The Juice, musician Riaan Smit spoke about the robbery and assault that he fell victim to while filming a music video in Namibia.

Riaan, who also fronts Cape Town-based group Crimson House, was filming a solo project along with Namibian production crew Endemic Productions in Elisenheim, “a big farm area” on the outskirts of Windhoek. 

Describing the events that led to multiple injuries to his face, Riaan says it was as he finished filming his song that two of five attackers first approached him.

“As I finished the song I stood up and I saw two guys come up with knives. I didn’t see the other [three], cause there were five in total,” he said.

The singer says he thought he would be able to take on the two suspects, but was blind-sided by a brick to the face: “When I went for the one, I got smashed in the face with a brick. I didn’t see that guy coming at all.” 

“They cleaned us out, they literally took the pants right off of me,” Riaan adds. A large amount of video equipment and instruments were also taken from the scene. He says: “Then they left, went to the bushes. I’m sure they had a getaway car somewhere.” 

The musician listed the number of injuries he suffered during the attack, saying that he will be undergoing surgery on Wednesday.

“First, I got stabbed in the arm, I guess they attempted to stab me somewhere else, but I blocked the knife. And I got smashed in the face with a rock and that, well I guess it destroyed the side of my face. I’ve got nerve damage, they broke my jaw, so that the upper jaw all my teeth have been knocked skew. I’ve got fractures in my eye socket, fractures on my cheekbone and all along my palate. So, I’ve got to go into surgery tomorrow to have facial correction surgery,” he tells us.

According to Riaan the two suspects who have been apprehended are set to appear in court. “As I’m in surgery they’ll be facing trial,” he says. 

Riaan says police reserves are to thank for the apprehension of the suspects and the safe return of majority of the stolen goods. “The stolen instruments and most of the gear was recovered thanks to the reserves. And the police reserves don’t get a salary, they do it in their spare time. And they are the guys who caught them.”