Riky Rick: Live how the hell you wanna live

2016-06-29 08:08
Riky Rick (photo credit: Snapchat)
Riky Rick (photo credit: Snapchat)

Cape Town – South African rapper Riky Rick is in Los Angeles, hanging out with Cassper Nyovest and friends. 

While there, the Boss Zonke hit maker went on a rant of his Twitter, starting off with how since he’s been in LA his perspective has changed. 

Here’s the full tweet spree:

“Dont worry... GOD has your back. TRUST ME?"

"The things I wanna do with my life are scary bro,,, sometimes I feel like yall wont get it but lately Im starting to believe.. Sort off"

"One thing LA is showing me is that you gotta go hard for your dream. Dont be shy for what bro. Try blend in and you suck bro. Dont do that."

"dont get too caught up with comparing artist... We were never meant to be the same... Everybody is meant to be very very different..."

"We cant drive the same cars. Same cribs. Same watches. Same swag. Same hunnys. Competing for the same shows. Its not meant to be like that."

"Everyone is in love with tryna be like everybody else... That shit is stupid... Be different this thing of laughing at people who dress different and true to themselves is dumb. Telling people how they must dress is STUPID."

"We getting killed by that thing at home... We dont encourage unique individuals to lead us... We need to start opening our minds. TRUST ME?"

"The tabloids sell better than anything with any real value... What does that say about the things we care about... Open Your Minds"

"We worrying about who is dating on who and who said what about this instead of scheming ways to be better people... We like HULLABALOO!!"

"Its your life tho... Live how the hell you wanna live. If you wanna be a clone its cool .. Ill be over here doing me tho..."

"OUDEMEEST NO BISI.... We might not be COMPATIBLE and that is fine... Think about it ???? BYE"  

Riky sure is passionate about his points. Good for you superstar, you do you.