Riky Rick on Emtee: We cool

2016-06-10 11:47
Riky Rick. (Supplied)

Johannesburg – Scrap whatever you heard, Riky Rick says there’s no beef between him and fellow rapper, Emtee.

In an interview on the Capital Rap Up on Cliff Central Wednesday, Riky Rick was questioned about a line in his song, Sidlukotini. In the song the rapper refers to artists “buying” awards.

"Who you talking about?" one of the presenters on the show questioned. "Because there was speculation that you talking about Emtee."

Even though the song was released after Riky lost out at the Metro FM awards earlier this year, beat out by both Emtee and Fifi Cooper, he maintains that he was not referring to anyone specifically in the song, saying, "I don’t think I’m talking about anyone, I think I’m talking about the awards."

The rapper says he was actually talking about the entire awards system, adding that he had confronted Metro FM about it. "When I went to Metro after the thing, I explained to them that the system is messed up."

Emtee, who was nominated for a BET award on Tuesday, clearly thought differently about the song, releasing Amamenemene, a retaliation against Riky.

But Riky says that they’ve since cleared the air, "We cool. I spoke to him just the other day. We’re cool." 

As for the awards that Emtee walked away with, Riky says he deserves it all."I think Emtee deserves any award he wins."