Riky Rick's financial advice: Money does not produce results

2017-07-06 20:00


Riky Rick
Riky Rick (Photo:

Johannesburg – Looking for some financial advice? Well, who better to get it from then Riky Rick himself. 

The successful rapper took to his Twitter account on Wednesday to share some advice with fans on how to handle finances. 

“There are people who have the luxury to waste money. No matter how successful you become, never waste anything. Rewards don’t come everyday,” the first tweet reads. 

Riky then warned that people should “be aware” of what they can and cannot afford. Going on to say: “The best thing you can do before you make a decision is speak to people. Consultation is the best currency. Don’t jump into bad deals.” 

He ended off his series of tweets with the following: “Its become more and more clear that money does not produce results. You really need strong vision and genuine love for what you do. TRUST ME.”