SA comedian Robby Collins hangs out with Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle

2017-08-01 14:00
Dave Chappelle, Robby Collins
Dave Chappelle, Robby Collins (Photo:

Cape Town – South African comedian Robby Collins is in New York and met Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle at the world famous Comedy Cellar. 

The comic - who is opening for Trevor Noah on his upcoming tour of SA – shared the cool story behind the pic with Chappelle uploaded to his Instagram on Tuesday.  

Collins makes the experience of meeting your idol sound surreal saying: “Chappelle not only introduced himself he also spoke to us like we've know each other for years.”

Here's the full caption underneath the post, that explains what it’s like to meet Dave Chappelle (who is one of the most famous comedians in the world):

“And then my comedic idol walks in, greets the other comics and then decides to take a seat with the only black table in the comedy club (by the way we were that table). Chappelle not only introduced himself he also spoke to us like we've know each other for years. Listening to one of the funniest human beings to have ever walked this earth share his opinion on comedy and just his personal comedy stories was so humbling. While we spoke rumor spread that he's at the club so the room filled up very quickly to the point that I couldn't even squeeze to watch the show standing. Trevor had to give me his standing space to catch Chappelle's last 30 min on stage. What a force of nature!”

See the post with Robby and Dave here:

Here’s a pic of Chris Rock and Robby Collins:

Another night with one of the greats... ??????????

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