Sade is happy and in love in London

2017-12-13 15:22
PHOTO: Sade Giliberti Instagram

Cape Town - Former YoTV presenter and child star Sade Giliberti seems happier than ever. She moved to London two years ago and things seem to be looking up for the actress – thanks to her girlfriend, Chané Scallan.

In an Instagram post, the London-based TV presenter shared how challenging it was for her to come out as a lesbian to her father after a journalist exposed her to the public. “I came out to my father when I was 19. Or more so, he was told by others and said he needed to ask me a question and I just answered ‘yes’, before he could even ask because I knew what the question was going to be. I remember he was so shocked and angry,” she wrote.

The actress also explained that she feared her career would get ruined since there weren’t many lesbians on SA TV. “I was about to start SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance?) And for a moment I did fear losing my job before it had even started because, back then, there weren't many lesbians on SA TV. Hold up! How many are there now? Anyway. There was a possibility that this could have 'ruined my career'. My father feared the same thing,” she continued.

But all the worry seems to be long forgotten and Sade seems to be living her best life in London – with her partner right by her side.

Check out the happy couple’s snaps below.