Sammy Sosa hits back after Inno’s R20k claims

2016-08-06 12:32


Sammy Sosa. (Photo: Sammy Sosa/Twitter)

Cape Town – Twitter lit up on Friday after up-and-coming local muso, Inno, claimed that South African TV personality Sammy Sosa allegedly owed him R20 000.

According to Inno’s social media posts he approached Sammy to feature on a track with him but was told to first put down R20k.

Inno claims he made the payment but has since had no luck communicating with Sammy after she blocked him on social media.

The story spread like a wildfire on Twitter and soon Sammy found herself a trending topic on die microblogging site.

Late on Friday Sammy addressed the allegations against her.

She tweeted: “I hardly address Twitter rants because my work is off Twitter. There are always two sides to every story, but l will not use this platform to tell my side of the story. I live an honest life and would never swindle anyone of any money in my entire existence.

"l earn an honest living and work for everything. We can go back and forth on a 'he said she said' tip. But there's only gonna be drama and retweets. No solution! Real live issues and problems don't get resolved or solved on Twitter. I will not be used as a spring board to fame without that person having done anything/nothing in life. And to Mrs Story Teller. Relax I'm not trying to snatch your job away from you! Have a nice day.”

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