Scammers try their luck with Thando Thabethe

2017-08-22 09:44


Thank Thabethe (Photo: Instagram/Thando Thabethe)

Johannesburg – After almost being the victim of a scam herself, TV and radio personality Thando Thabethe took to social media to warn others.

In a string of tweets Thando explained how someone had called her claiming to be local politician Ace Magashule. "So someone just tried to scam me. Called my manager claiming to be Ace Magashule needing to speak to me urgently and directly," she wrote. 

Thando then says she called the person back, and he spoke about a girl who was stranded and needed help. 

"Says he has called Basetsana Kumalo who says she is out of town & advised him to call me for assistance," she tweeted, adding: "Basically says this girl need petrol money and that I should Ewallet as the money he sent her is not reflecting."

Luckily the star immediately questioned why the premier would call her to ask for money. "Anyway be careful out there… this also makes it so hard to discern the fake from the ppl who really need assistance,” she warned. 

Take a look at the string of tweets below: