Scoop Makhathini: I do not take cocaine

2016-06-24 14:00


Slikour, Scoop Makhathini (Photo: Youtube/Screengrab)

Johannesburg – In an interview with Slikour, presenter Scoop Makhathini cleared the air about the awkward interview he had with rapper Ntukza on Channel O's Turn Up

Ntukza appeared on an episode of the show to talk about his new music, but was surprised when Scoop made it clear that he was not happy with what he had produced, telling the former Cashtime member to go back to the drawing board. 

Many viewers were shocked by Scoops behaviour on the show. But no one was more surprised than Ntukza, who suggested that Scoop may have been sent by someone else to take jabs at him, even going so far as to say that the presenter may be abusing drugs. 

Talking to Slikour, Scoop addressed the rumours about his alleged drug abuse. 

"There’s been suspicion of me using substances for a long time. I’ll tell you for the record: I smoke weed. I take mushrooms – which is all natural. I do not take cocaine. Have never! So you can leave that mess alone."

Scoop explained that the reason he confronted Ntukza was because he felt the musician was not being as honest in person as he was on social media. "I saw a man who was ducking and diving from his words."

That being said, he maintains that he is still a fan of the rapper. "I love that man. I’m not saying he’s out. I’m not saying he can’t do much. I’m not saying he’s whack."

This is not the first time Scoop has spoken up about artists in the hip-hop industry, and according to the presenter, it won’t be the last. "I will never shun from telling an artist in this hip-hop sphere that his work needs to upgrade."

Watch the full interview here.