See how big Roxy Burger’s baby Ady is!

2018-09-21 14:25
Roxy Burger. (Photo supplied)

Cape Town - Television presenter and social media personality Roxy Burger (31) has had to cultivate lots of patience since she’s got a little person in her life, she says.

Roxy and her husband, Neil Shraga, were married in 2014. And they can’t get enough of firstborn cutey Adrienne Zoey Shraga, who is 8 months old now.

Of course it’s not been all moonlight and roses.

“My most important lesson since becoming a mom has been that in life you don’t unfortunately have as much control as you might think you have,” Roxy told YOU. “Sometimes you just have to let go.”

Roxy quickly realised too that people tend to offer moms advice all the time.

“Listen to your instincts, that’s really your best guide,” she says.

Ady, as she’s called at home, arrived in January and the busy mom was quickly confronted by the problem of balancing her busy career and time spent with loved ones.

“I don’t think I’ve completely mastered it,” Roxy says about work and her new role of motherhood. “When I’m at work my thoughts are at home, and at home I sometimes worry about work. It’s tricky.”

Looking at all the fun and stylish photos of Ady on Roxy’s Instagram page, she’ll clearly be able to follow in her mom’s footsteps in front of the camera.

“I don’t really think much when I share pictures of her online, because I do it only when I feel like it. Ady is so cute I can’t help myself,” Roxy tells us. 

She enjoys dressing her daughter up, so we’re sure to see Ady in a lot in mustard, which is among her mom’s favourite colours.

“I’m not a big ‘pink person’, so I won’t be dressing her much in girly outfits,” Roxy explains.

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