Shashi: I’ve had some very dark thoughts – but I’m doing okay

2018-06-20 16:42
Shashi Naidoo. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Cape Town - She’s found herself embroiled in a world of scandal since her comments on Israel and Palestine went viral this weekend – and the furore that followed has been a bitter pill for Shashi Naidoo to swallow.

“My my mom has flown in because they’d been worried about my security, but also just to be there to support me.

“I’ve had some very dark thoughts in this time, but I’m doing okay,” she adds

On Saturday, Shashi referred to Gaza as "a sh*thole" during a debate about the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Soon after, she shared several posts apologising, including a video in which she can be seen weeping over the comments. 

Still, social media users were having none of it.

While Shashi has faced some nasty comments this week, others have been helpful in educating her, she says, opening her eyes to the reality of the situation in the Middle East.

“I think some of it has been constructive in terms of the feedback I’ve been getting from people, you know, like people have been sending me videos and footage and it’s really helped me to get better information and educate myself,” she adds.

Her comments have also humiliated her family and friends, the model and businesswoman went on to explain to YOU.

“It’s not just me going through this, I think everyone has been attacked for it and they certainly don’t deserve it. I definitely do deserve some of the backlash. I take accountability for it.”

Upon returning from a trip to Ibiza on Tuesday, Shashi reached out to human Rights and Palestinian solidarity organisation Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) South Africa. She further apologised for her ignorance at a press conference in conjunction with the organisation on Wednesday.

At the conference, the former TV presenter explained she would be going on a tour of the Palestinian territories, guided by the SA Council of Churches and South African Jews for a Free Palestine.

Following her comments on social media, Shashi has been dropped by several sponsors including Glam Palm and Lil Jewels, Channel24 reports. Her upcoming appearance at the Vodacom Durban July has also been canned.

“A lot of my clients have had to take a public stance of unfollowing me,” Shashi told YOU of the matter.

“Every single one of them, but when you have a working relationship with them, they tend to know who you are. They’ve been the first to reach out and say, did you even write that? Because I think anyone who knows me knows that it’s kind of not my style, it’s not something I would put out there, so publically they’ve had to distance themselves from me which I think is completely understandable, I get it,” she said.

“But as friends, they’ve been incredibly supportive it’s been pretty intense, but I just don’t want any more heat on the people I work with, my family, my friends. This is for me now to take accountability and move forward from here.”


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