Shashi Naidoo shares pictures from her time in Jordan

2018-07-30 10:25
Shashi Naidoo
Shashi Naidoo (Photo: Gallo)

Johannesburg – Shashi Naidoo has taken to Instagram to share a number of pictures from her trip to the Middle East.  

Although the model was not able to gain access to the Palestinian Territories as intended, she did manage to spend some in Jordan where she visited a Palestinian refugee camp. 

The posts mark the star's return to Instagram after stating in June that she would be taking a break from social media.  

The pictures shared by Shashi include one in which she lists things she “did not know 9 months ago”, as well as a picture with her mother who travelled alongside her.  

In another posts the model goes into detail about the state of Palestinian refugee camps, and also shares a snap she took with an 80-year-old Palestinian refugee.  


9 THINGS I DID NOT KNOW A MONTH AGO: 1. I did not know that Palestine is divided into Gaza and West Bank. They are physically separated by Israel in between. I now know that Gaza is the world’s largest concentration camp and free travel between Gaza and the West Bank is virtually impossible especially if you are Palestinian. 2. I did not know that Palestinians are the largest refugee population in the world. I now know that over 6 million Palestinians cannot return to their own homes, and live in constant separation from loved ones and family members. 3. I did not know that Palestine was such an important issue for South Africans. I now know that the Palestinian issue is about basic human rights, which we as South Africans hold close to our hearts. 4. I did not know that my pursuit of knowledge would attract the label of “terrorist” or “threat” from the government of Israel. I now know that any person who has a different opinion to that of the State of Israel could be seen as a “threat”. 5. I did not know how labels are used to vilify individuals. Professionals such as doctors, authors, accountants, lawyers and even organisations have been labelled "threats" to Israel because they engage in activism. I have come to know them as wonderful souls driven by truth and justice. 6. I did not know that this was not a religious issue. I now know that it is about basic human rights and these belong to all beings regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or creed. 7. I did not know how multi-faceted this issue truly is. I now know that despite the complexities, the uncontroversial facts are that the occupation must end, and Palestinians deserve Freedom, a right that all humans should enjoy. 8. I did not know how vicious social media commentary can be. I now know that compassion attracts the heart to the truth, not aggression. 9. I did not know that my opinion mattered. I now know that even the smallest voices can make a difference in the struggle for Justice for all people.

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I think a story that needs to be shared is that of the upwards of 6 million people living in Refugee camps... These refugee camps came about as a result of conflicts during 1946-1948, resultant with Palestinians who lost both their homes and means of livelihood, and again, in the aftermath of the hostilities of 1967 and the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Camps were set up to “temporarily” accommodate those displaced. Despite how long they have been living as refugees outside of Palestine, the thing that SHOCKED me the most is that people are not given local identity numbers, meaning that they are unable to seek gainful employment; the majority of which, are forced to rely on funding from organizations such as UNRWA (The United Nations Relief & Works Fund) Due to recent drastic funding cuts from America, UNRWA now more than ever needs our help. One of the things I witnessed myself, along with the lack of basic services in general, as a result of these budget cuts, is that refuse removal has been severely affected. This has the potential for serious health implications by the very real chance of the spread of disease considering the confined spaces, within which refugees are forced to live. The dignity of people can largely be effected by the surroundings they find themselves in. And WE NEED TO HELP. The Alushi foundation has made a contribution to UNRWA in this plight, of you would like to help or donate please visit

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