She kept asking that we take her mom out of the casket…

2017-09-08 11:14
PHOTO: Getty Images

We all know funerals are a sad occasion to attend, watching family and loved ones of he deceased mourn their loss never gets any easier. The only other thing people can count on at a funeral is some form of drama taking place.

We asked our readers to share their most dramatic funeral stories:

Pulane Mabea

“When the Undertaker and family saw fit to share with everyone that they picked the most expensive casket in their show room and equated that as a sign of the love they had with the deceased!!They were made to stand and we had to give them a round of applause during the programme. Lawd?!!What in the world is this!?”

Fisiwe Nkosi

“Family friend who was a nurse for more than 38yrs passed on she left her niece as a beneficiary when we were in the church before the pastor delivered the sermon she asked to be given a chance to address the people what a bad idea she told us she is the one in control told the husband to the lady she is giving him 3months to move out of the house, we must thank her that there is even the service this person would have been still at mortuary if it she didn't organize and she has done a great job cos she has bought a casket for her aunty mind you who worked for all this we are made to thank someone for. The pastor bailed us when he took the mic.”

Sibusiso Masondo

“A year ago I attended a funeral of a family member. She died of leukaemia, she left behind a 3 year old daughter. Everything went ok with the preparations and after a day or two, the rest of the family had accepted the fact that she was no more. The drama began when her daughter wanted to see her mother, it took her almost 3days to notice that her mother wasn't around anymore, no one knew how to tell her what was actually going on, she cried until she fell asleep, but when she woke up she started isolating herself from the rest of the family. The morning before the funeral my aunty took the little girl and showed her, her mother’s deceased body. She still couldn't understand what was happening and she kept demanding that we should take her out of her casket and she screamed "Mama vuka" (mom wake up) for nearly an hour, this made things even more difficult, but the girl was taken by her father and we were able to continue with the funeral.”