Sizwe Dhlomo: I’m a loner and I think I’m arrogant

2016-10-04 21:00
Sizwe Dhlomo (Photo: Screengrab, YouTube)
Sizwe Dhlomo (Photo: Screengrab, YouTube)

Cape Town - Local TV presenter and radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo sat down with Anele Mdoda on her talk show recently and told her all about how he started in the industry; working at Debonairs and what he’s like to work with. 

The celeb – who is also popular on Twitter for his honest tweets as well as general knowledge on current affairs – elaborated on the fact that he is a perfectionist by saying that he often knows that he could do someone’s job better than them if only he could do two jobs at once saying: “I’ve often wished that I could clone myself”.

Sizwe also said: “I don’t need validation” when he was talking about how he doesn’t care who likes him on air or off air.

When Anele pushed him on the fact that many people in the industry say that he is difficult to approach Sizwe said, very honestly, “I’m a loner and you know what? I think I’m arrogant.”

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