Sjava does the DRUM countdown

2017-09-21 00:25
Photo: Sjava Instagram Page

WHAT an incredible year it’s been for JABULANI “SJAVA” HADEBE. Not too long ago the actor-turned-singer scooped two Samas for best music video of the year and best produced album. He followed that up with the rising star award at the recent DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards. Aside from pumping out more hot albums, the hiphop star plans to open his own production company. We get to know him a little better

 5minutes to make something to eat, what will it be?

Eggs, because that’s the only thing I can cook. Besides, it’s also the quickest bite to make!

4things you can’t live without.

Music, my phone, my ATM cards and my fans.

3people you’d like to collaborate with. Johnny Clegg because I like the way he fuses maskandi and rock. My music has a lot of mixed sounds like maskandi, Afro-rock and hip-hop. I think fusing our sounds could produce something special. Maskandi artist Mthandeni, aka Igcokama

Elisha, is very creative and a great songwriter. I love how he’s promoting the culture and the way he blends music with fashion. Lady Zamar is king. She’s amazing, with a very special voice and her songwriting is on another level.

2things you’d tell your teenage self.

Find something unique you can do for a long time. Be yourself – you’re more than enough.

1place you’d run away to . . .

The recording studio is the only place I feel safe enough to talk about what I’m going through.