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Sketchy Bongo on song drama: Riky was very upset and we apologised

2017-01-11 09:36
Sketchy Bongo (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - The Juice reached out to South Africa's super producer Sketchy Bongo, who told us exactly what happened when a song was released featuring a verse by Riky Rick, without the rapper's permission. 

Bongo told us: "Basically a whole lot of material follows you when you're recording. We recorded a verse with Riky for another artist on a different beat and a different track and then used it for Khumz. We thought it was totally ok to use and that all the legal stuff had been taken care of by the people in our company who do that, but it wasn't. Riky didn't give us permission and neither did his label, Riky was very angry (because the track has been playlisted on radio). We apologised. Riky's verse has now been removed from the song and Aewon Wolf has replaced him."

Here's the tweet posted on Sketchy Bongo's Twitter, stating the apology to Riky: 

The Juice also reached out to Riky Rick for comment at the time of writing. 

The song in question is by Khumz Taylor and is called Lil Ghetto. It now features Aewon Wolf instead of Riky Rick.

Listen to it here: