Skolopad gets candid about juggling her day job and her new-found fame

2017-07-03 11:46



Cape Town - Local musician and dancer Skolopad spoke to The Juice about juggling her risqué alter ego with her career as a professional nurse. 

Last week the entertainer went on a tweet spree saying that her manager "hates" her and that her Durban July weekend was being "sabotaged."

The Juice caught up with the controversial celeb at the premiere horse racing event, where she debuted her new toned-down look.   


Speaking about the Twitter incident she said: "They wanted me to come to work tomorrow [Sunday] but then my colleague stood up for me saying that it was sabotage. I requested to be off on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. And then they put me on duty for Sunday. How cruel is that?" 

"It's not nice. Meaning I should cut my weekend for Durban July short that I requested earlier," she went on to say.


When asked why she thinks she is being targeted at work, the entertainer said: "It goes with the jealousy, because I am a celebrity now. And I don't know why they are having a problem with this. Just look! 'Sexylish.' You can't be wearing work clothes all the time. You need to be sexy and have fun. This is me having fun as Skolopad, not as a nurse."

The controversial personality also spoke about looking for a music sponsor, as she is currently paying for everything out of her own pocket with a "R7 000 salary."

"At the end of the day I go hungry because of this Skolopad. She is showing money, but she is not making money," she said. 

(Photo: Channel24/ Gallo)

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